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Pyaar Hua – A Massive Hit for Dhrutesh, Mitesh & Team

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Dhrutesh Jadhav was pleased to announce that his latest indie single has achieved a significant milestone on Spotify. He took over Instagram and Twitter to show gratitude towards his Audience. The single has been streamed more than 40,000 times on the platform, cementing its status as a fan-favorite.

The single, which was released on 4th January 2022, quickly gained traction among indie music fans, and has since become a staple in many playlists. Its success can be attributed to its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and overall feel-good vibe.

Dhrutesh, the composer behind the single, expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support the track has received. “I’m blown away by the love this song has received. It’s humbling to know that so many people are connecting with it on a deep level,” he said.

The 40,000 stream milestone is a testament to the power of indie music and the reach of platforms like Spotify. In an era where independent artists can compete with major labels, it’s heartening to see a single like this gain widespread recognition.
The success of Pyaar Hua on Spotify is just the beginning for Ruben Sebastian, Dhrutesh Jadhav, Mitesh Manuja & Keyur Bhagat. They have several other tracks in the works and plan to continue making music that resonates with fans. As they put it, “We are excited to see where this journey takes us. We are grateful for every opportunity to connect with listeners through our music.”

Overall, the achievement of 40,000 streams on Spotify is a testament to the quality of Dhrutesh’s indie single and their potential as an artist. Fans can expect more great music from them in the future, and he is looking forward to sharing his next project with the world.

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