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World Designing Forum Celebrates Andhra Style Crafters for Winning “Inclusive Fashion Recognition Award”

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Andhra Pradesh In a groundbreaking moment for the Indian fashion industry, the talented designers of Team Andhra Style Crafters, representing the vibrant state of Andhra Pradesh, have been honored with the prestigious “Inclusive Fashion Recognition Award.” This recognition comes as a testament to their outstanding contribution to inclusive fashion, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

The award ceremony, organized by the World Designing Forum (WDF), witnessed the crowning of Team Andhra Style Crafters as pioneers in promoting inclusivity in the world of fashion. Their innovative approach and dedication to incorporating Indian handloom and artisanal techniques into their designs set them apart, aligning perfectly with the ethos of the World Couture League.

This initiative by WDF marks a historic step toward promoting Indian handloom and artisans on a global stage. For the first time, the World Couture League has taken the lead in recognizing and celebrating the rich heritage of Indian handloom and the skilled artisans behind it. The “Inclusive Fashion Recognition Award” is a culmination of WDF’s commitment to fostering a fashion industry that values and promotes diversity, sustainability, and traditional craftsmanship.

CEO of WDF, Ankush Anami, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to Team Andhra Style Crafters for their remarkable achievement. He emphasized the importance of recognizing and encouraging designers who are contributing to the revival and promotion of Indian handloom and artisanal skills.

As a significant step towards supporting the mission “Vocal for Local,” WDF has declared 7th August 2024 as “National Handloom Day.” On this day, all Indian states will join together in a collective celebration to showcase and support the indigenous handloom industry. This nationwide event aims to raise awareness about the importance of choosing locally-made handloom products and preserving the rich cultural heritage embedded in Indian textiles.

Team Andhra Style Crafters, led by Captain T Hima Bindu and supported by Gunapalli Lakshmi Prasanna and Komala Kalahasti, has set an inspiring example for the entire fashion community. Their commitment to inclusivity and the promotion of Indian handloom aligns perfectly with the vision of WDF, creating a positive ripple effect within the industry.

The “Inclusive Fashion Recognition Award” not only acknowledges individual talent but also reflects the collective efforts of designers, artisans, and organizations dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the fashion landscape.

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