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Won’t Tolerate any Insult to Veer Savarkar Dr Rajeev Menon Warns Rahul Gandhi

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Chennai, India – Republican Party of India (Athawale) National Secretary, Dr Rajeev Menon, has issued a strong warning to Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, following his recent statement regarding Veer Savarkar. Dr Rajeev Menon Speaking at a public meeting in Chennai on Monday,and expressed his party’s displeasure with Mr Gandhi’s comments and made it clear that they would not tolerate any insult to the iconic figure.

In his address, Dr Rajeev Menon emphasized the significant contributions of Veer Savarkar to India’s freedom struggle and the nation’s development as a whole. He further stated that Mr Gandhi’s remarks were an affront to the legacy of the great leader and showed a lack of respect for India’s rich history and culture.

Dr Rajeev Menon’s warning comes amidst a rising tide of criticism against Rahul Gandhi and his party for their stance on Veer Savarkar. Many people have expressed their outrage over the Congress leader’s comments, which have been seen as an insult to the memory of the revolutionary.

The Republican Party of India (Athawale) has been at the forefront of the movement to preserve the legacy of Veer Savarkar and has been working tirelessly to promote his contributions to India’s freedom struggle. The party has been a vocal advocate for the inclusion of Veer Savarkar in the pantheon of national heroes and has been calling for his recognition as a Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in India.

Dr Rajeev Menon’s statement underscores the party’s commitment to the cause and sends a clear message that they will not tolerate any disrespect towards the memory of Veer Savarkar. The Republican Party of India (Athawale) remains steadfast in its mission to preserve India’s rich history and culture and to honor the contributions of its great leaders.

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