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Virtual Startup Campus : This Gurgaon Based Startup is Solving the Job Market after AI takes over

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Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the workforce with new demand for “learn and adapt”. The job market is no longer the same and Employers anticipate a structural job market churn of 23% of jobs in the next five years. Artificial intelligence, a key driver of potential algorithmic displacement, is expected to be adopted by nearly 75% of surveyed companies by World Economic Forum as on 2023. 

Virtual Startup Campus, India’s only Microlearning Platform for Business related upskilling in a community learning format has been launched by Markoknow Venture, a prominent player in the Startup Funding and Ecosystem Enablement sector. 

Virtual Startup Campus (VSC), addresses the growing need for relevant and hands-on industry training in an era where rapid technological advancements, particularly AI, are reshaping the job market. The platform aims to not only fill the skills gap but also create “Job Creators” who can contribute to a more tech-led business landscape. 

With AI disrupting the job market, Kaushiki’s vision for “Job Creators” from India aims to bridge the skills gap and create a workforce adaptable to the evolving organizational landscape.

Kaushiki Kesarwani, the Founder and leader of Product-Tech Leadership at VSC, also Guest Speaker and Mentor for various premier institutes & Incubation centers like IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIM Shillong, Delhi University, Chief Executive Officer of Markoknow Venture, draws from personal experiences starting startups during college. She identifies college as an optimal time for experimentation with startups but acknowledges the challenges in understanding legal, tech, and other aspects of business.

The platform ( campus.markoknow.com ) therefore provides community learning format, offering practical industry training in various skills, such as product development, marketing, business analytics, consulting, strategy, data, and applied education. 

Access Anytime, Anywhere

To ensure widespread accessibility, VSC’s online campus is designed to be accessible from any corner of the country. The content, curated in collaboration with Founders, Investors, and Professionals, aims to be both practical and of high quality, removing barriers to upskilling.

VSC has garnered attention from diverse demographics, including college students planning for MBA, competitive exam candidates seeking business insights, professionals exploring businesses, school students looking for practical insights and tech enthusiasts delving into the business aspects.

Feedback by Users

“There is a huge time wasted in filtering the best content according to the stage we are at. VSC is my Go-To Place when it comes to learning new things in easy and on-point format and helps streamline the process of content filtering. Not just this, I also got me my first internship because of VSC and its multiple skill certificate helps me prove myself as a quick learner in interviews” said Sneha, one of the Early adopters of the campus. 

Sought After Upskilling Platform

Emphasizing the most sought-after skills for job seekers for 2024—Analytical thinking and creative thinking—VSC goes with and beyond certificates to equip learners with the ability to learn faster, adapt rapidly, and think comprehensively. The platform advocates for work experience that encourages consulting and strategic thinking, preparing individuals for the adaptive nature of future work.

College Plug-In

VSC addresses the gap in traditional college education by preparing students for a future where AI renders some skills redundant. The platform aims to be a comprehensive “plug” for college & school students, offering structured content, rapid updates to stay relevant, and opportunities for internships, paid projects, and hands-on industrial training.

Dual Membership

One of VSC’s ( campus.markoknow.com ) unique features is its dual membership mode—general user and prime user. General users have access to a wealth of content and knowledge, while prime users enjoy additional benefits such as community exposure, practical training, and industry experience. Achieving prime user status involves earning points and badges, aligning with the platform’s mission of creating adaptable individuals prepared for the post-AI era

We have kept the pricing to be a few bucks of direct flat fees instead of any complex pricing to help students explore reasonably priced course that helps them stay committed to their career goals. 


In a world dominated by AI, VSC is shaping a better tomorrow through innovative and practical upskilling. The platform’s innovative approach to learning and skill development signifies a significant step towards creating a more adaptable and skilled workforce. Planning to explore the platform ?

Links :

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/virtualstartupcampus
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/virtualstartupcampus/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@markoknow
Website : https://campus.markoknow.com/

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