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Vaibhav Trivedi Honored with International Prestigious Award 2024

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Vaibhav Trivedi, the National President of Shri Rudraveer Sena, received the International Prestigious Award 2024 last Sunday for his outstanding contributions to national and social development. The award ceremony, organized by the Global Human Rights Foundation, took place at South Avenue Hotel in Indore.

Trivedi was honored by a Madhya Pradesh Minister of State and two renowned film actors. Expressing his gratitude, Trivedi thanked the Global Human Rights Foundation for recognizing his efforts. The event also honored emerging talents from the film industry, politicians, social workers, and doctors.

The President of Shri Rudraveer Sena congratulated Trivedi from New Delhi, praising his achievements in national service, social service, and religious protection. He called Trivedi an inspiration for the nation’s youth and emphasized that this honor is a proud achievement for both Trivedi and the country’s young people.

The Vice President of Shri Rudraveer Sena congratulated Trivedi from Gorakhpur, stating that his recognition has brought pride not only to him but also to the entire Shri Rudraveer Sena. He highlighted that this award is a testament to Trivedi’s dedication as a committed activist.

The President of the Hindu Women’s Assembly sent her congratulations from Varanasi, applauding Trivedi for guiding the younger generation through his exemplary contributions. She urged the nation’s youth to join Shri Rudraveer Sena under Trivedi’s leadership, pledging to protect their religion, nation, language, community, and literature.

Other national leaders, including the Vice President, the Propaganda Minister, the Uttar Pradesh President, the State Vice President, and the State Minister, along with various state officials, also extended their best wishes to Vaibhav Trivedi on his prestigious recognition, wishing him a prosperous future.

In 2020, Vaibhav Trivedi spearheaded the establishment of Shri Rudraveer Sena, a grassroots organization dedicated to safeguarding the interests of the nation and promoting Hindu unity. Trivedi has been instrumental in rallying like-minded individuals to champion the cause of national unity and integrity.

Additionally, Vaibhav Trivedi serves as the Vice President of Galar Group, steering the company towards unprecedented success alongside his brother. Born on December 6, 1993, in Bhopavar, Trivedi has been a beacon of responsibility and compassion, inspired by his family’s values of integrity and service to humanity.

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