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Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow in 2024

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In the vibrant landscape of business in 2024, today, we’re introducing you to the ‘top 10 entrepreneurs to follow in 2024’ – a group of leaders making waves as the ‘best business leaders’ of the year. From digital marketing to real estate to success coaching, these entrepreneurs have made their mark in their respective fields, bringing a wealth of diverse backgrounds to the table.

Join us as we explore their stories, strategies, and find out why they’re the ones you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on in this exciting journey.

1.Alex Hormozi, Entrepreneur

Alex Hormozi, the dynamic entrepreneur with a portfolio worth over $100 million. His story is like a movie—full of ups and downs, family struggles, and the triumph of choosing his own path. By 32, Alex and his wife Leila’s companies were making $85 million a year, and they’re headed towards the billion-dollar mark.

In his twenties, Alex decided not to follow the path his immigrant father wanted for him. This led to tough times and strained family relations, but Alex stayed true to himself. He started in the fitness world, opening gyms and making good money. However, the stress became too much, and he had to change course. Now, alongside Leila, they’re reshaping the fitness industry with digital weight-loss programs. Alex’s journey is an inspiring tale of resilience, courage, and entrepreneurial triumph.

2.Iman Gadzhi, Entrepreneur

IMAN Gadzhi, a successful entrepreneur and founder of AgenciFlow, a leading software company, has earned multi-millionaire status with ventures like Gents Croquet Club, a top-performing NFT project. Beyond business, Gadzhi is a committed philanthropist, self-funding five schools in Nepal, impacting over 2500 children.

Starting at 17, managing content for clients catapulted Gadzhis monthly income to $100K after 2.5 years of hard work. Despite pandemic challenges, he transitioned to a thriving education business, exhibiting resilience. In 2021, Gadzhi ventured into NFTs, generating over $10M in revenue. His story reflects not just financial success but a commitment to education, resilience against abuse, and a transformative journey from fitness content creator to a notable entrepreneur.

3.Joshua Morrow, Entrepreneur

Meet Joshua Morrow, the Director of Estates at AKG/Christie’s International, brokering a team of 180+ agents to real estate success. With over $1.9 billion in team sales in 2022, Joshua’s leadership shines, making AKG/Christie’s the #1 real estate team in Los Angeles.

Originating from Atlanta, Joshua transitioned from music to real estate, winning awards and selling dream homes. Now in Beverly Hills, he not only excels in property deals but also advocates for causes close to his heart, supporting the homeless, special needs kids, struggling youth, suicide prevention, and sheltered animals.

Despite professional triumphs, Joshua cherishes his friends, considering them an integral extension of his family. Having faced temporary homelessness at 21, he understands the value of genuine connections. His dream extends beyond real estate success; he aspires to effortlessly support his family and provide shelters for children in need. His hobbies include flying, travelling, and learning about different cultures and foods from around the world, with a tally of 50+ countries visited.

In Joshua’s life symphony, AKG/Christie’s International, friends, and family create a harmonious melody of success, compassion, and genuine connections.

4.Kay Voser, Former Footballer

Kay Voser, a former football star from Switzerland, overcame a challenging upbringing marked by his father’s alcoholism and his mother’s mental health issues. Despite these adversities, his childhood dream of becoming a football player served as a powerful motivator, providing lessons in resilience, discipline, and teamwork. Beyond football, Kay enjoys reading, science, movies, dancing, and the tranquillity of nature, embracing his Swiss heritage.

Kay’s journey is marked by significant achievements and silent struggles. A successful career as a footballer, playing for Basel and Fulham, is accompanied by a personal battle with schizophrenia, a challenge he kept hidden for a long time. Despite facing criticism from fans for his appearance, Kay’s focus on the sport remained unwavering. After retiring from football, he shifted his focus to social media, advocating for mental health in sports and highlighting footballers’ lives beyond the pitch. His strengths lie in self-discipline, mental fortitude, and kindness, while acknowledging weaknesses in setting boundaries and dealing with administrative aspects.

In his message to the public, Kay encourages everyone to believe in their dreams, trust their instincts, and never give up. He emphasises seeking guidance from experts, utilising available resources, and extending kindness, as everyone carries unseen burdens. Kay’s positive response to revealing his struggles reflects a hopeful takeaway, and he looks forward to continued support, particularly from companies, to eradicate stigmatisation surrounding mental health. His story is not just about football success; it’s a testament to overcoming personal battles, advocating for change, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams with kindness and understanding.

5.Nina Naustdal, Entrepreneur

Nina Naustdal stands out as an accomplished entrepreneur, recognized as “The Most Inspirational Woman in the World.” With a prolific career spanning fashion, entrepreneurship, music, acting, and wealth management, Nina has earned 11 prestigious awards, with another accolade awaiting at the House of Lords in February.

In her journey towards happiness and good health, Nina Naustdal aspires to leave a positive legacy for her family. Over the past decade, she has demonstrated resilience and versatility as a businesswoman, designer, and entrepreneur, building a robust and diverse business platform.

Despite the challenge of always seeking the good in people, Nina remains steadfast in her commitment. Currently, she is gearing up to launch her sports brand, DonDunk, in April, and has a series of achievements lined up, including a House of Lords award, couture showcases, participation in the Leicester Square premiere of “Mr Hyde,” new music releases, and a collaboration with Mymanu on headphones.

Nina’s message emphasises self-belief, courage, and continuous learning, reflecting the profound beauty found in heartfelt experiences. Her narrative is one of resilience, ambition, and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the world through her entrepreneurial endeavours.

6.Dhana Bunel, Entrepreneur

Dhana Bunel, a Colombian raised in Argentina, is more than an Influencer, Model, and CEO—she’s a devoted Mom and Entrepreneur. Despite a Political Science background, she ventured into the world of Instagram to share her fashion and lifestyle, ultimately leading to the creation of “Chez Graze,” a catering company with a French touch. As the Investment Director at 15/09 Consulting, Dhana’s quest for innovative projects led her to fill a void in well-being, birthing Chez Graze to bring freshness to the catering industry.

Chez Graze, known as “The Art of Gourmet Health,” emphasises eco-responsibility and health-consciousness. Dhana, inspired by figures like Keanu Reeves and Oprah Winfrey, envisions Chez Graze as a global influence for women, turning challenges into opportunities. Despite her trusting nature being a weakness, Dhana’s resilience, drive, and compassion are her strengths. With collaborations underway, her message to the public is simple but profound: Never abandon your dreams; embrace the challenge with bravery, for the journey may be tough, but it’s unquestionably worthwhile!

7.Spencer Rogich, Tattoo Artist

In the exciting world of business, Spencer Rogich is a famous tattoo artist, creating stunning tattoos for well-known people. Beyond tattooing, Spencer is a smart real estate investor, making money by buying and selling houses. As a board member of Beekonnected, a new social media platform, Spencer excels at balancing creativity, financial savvy, and technology involvement.

Spencer, born in Ogden, UT, and raised in Syracuse, UT, is not just a business enthusiast but also an outdoor lover. Their hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, biking, and travelling, showcasing a passion for embracing the beauty of the outdoors.

Follow Spencer’s journey on Instagram @inked_era and TikTok @inked_era to witness their impact on the tech world as the face of Beekonnected.

8.Balticceo, Entrepreneur

Meet Jose Danielius Sasnauskas, affectionately known as Balticceo, a rising star from Lithuania, born on May 16th, 2003, in Panevėžys. Balticceo’s journey is a captivating narrative of passion and triumph, with his story gaining momentum on social media.

Beyond his online success, Balticceo is making waves as an entrepreneur. The mastermind behind “DripGods,” a jewellery company, he redefines online accessory shopping, offering a unique and affordable experience.

Raised in Lithuania and later in Birmingham, England, Balticceo’s childhood was shaped by diverse experiences. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a commitment to quality and affordability, positions Balticceo as a notable figure in both the social media and business spheres.

9.Logan Formicola, Entrepreneur

Logan Formicola, the CEO of Eagle Star Dynamics (ESD), is a visionary dedicated to using technology to improve human life. Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, Logan’s early experiences in music and sports shaped his appreciation for creativity and teamwork. As a young entrepreneur, he built his first computer during an 8th-grade science fair, sparking his ambition to make a positive impact with technology.

Logan founded ESD to address global challenges through innovation. Unlike typical tech companies, ESD prioritises real-world problem-solving over trends. Whether creating a Meta-compatible VR learning app or exploring the potential of the Metaverse, Blockchain, and Web3, ESD’s projects always focus on a human-centred approach.

10.Akash Noatia,  PR Expert &  Youngest Entrepreneur

In the world of business, trust is the cornerstone of any transaction. When seeking products or services, especially online, the initial step involves searching on Google for reviews and details to verify legitimacy. Meet Akash Noatia, a PR expert from Tripura, founder of BoroK Media & Under30Founder. His journey started at 16, freelancing as an SEO specialist. After working with many clients, he has also learned so much from them and is willing to learn something new every day.

Akash is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and celebrities. With his businesses, he’s supported over 1000+ individuals in boosting their instant credibility and authority for easier sales. He highlights the importance of self-belief and hard work, encouraging others to overcome challenges. Despite facing life’s fluctuations from a farming background, Akash believes starting from scratch is tough but worth it. His story shows how dedication and continuous learning can lead to transformation.

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