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Team Madhya Pradesh Mode Makers Clinch “Cultural Fusion in Fashion Award” at World Couture League

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An Initiative of World Designing Forum to Celebrate Indian Handloom and Artisans

Mumbai — In a resounding victory for the spirit of cultural amalgamation in fashion, Team Madhya Pradesh Mode Makers, representing the state of Madhya Pradesh, has secured the prestigious “Cultural Fusion in Fashion Award” at the World Couture League. This recognition comes as a result of their outstanding contribution to promoting the diverse cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh through innovative and fusion-inspired fashion.

The “Cultural Fusion in Fashion Award” not only celebrates the creative prowess of the designers but also reflects the broader vision of the World Designing Forum (WDF) in endorsing Indian handloom and artisans. This initiative by WDF, in its first edition, emphasizes the significance of preserving and promoting indigenous craftsmanship, thereby reinforcing the mission “Vocal for Local.”

Ankush Anami, CEO of World Designing Forum, extended heartfelt congratulations to Team Madhya Pradesh for their exceptional achievement. He highlighted the team’s dedication to showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Madhya Pradesh through their unique and inventive fashion creations.

“This award is a testament to the remarkable talent and dedication of Team Madhya Pradesh Mode Makers. Their commitment to blending traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary styles perfectly aligns with our mission to promote and celebrate Indian handloom and artisans,” said Ankush Anami.

In a groundbreaking move, World Designing Forum has declared 7th August 2024 as “National Handloom Day,” where all states across India will join hands in celebrating and supporting the mission “Vocal for Local.” This collective celebration aims to raise awareness about the importance of handloom and traditional craftsmanship in the fabric of Indian culture.

Team Madhya Pradesh, led by Captain Kavita Singh Bhadauriya, showcased exceptional teamwork and creativity in their award-winning presentation. The talented members of the team include Bhanu Rejani, Indu Sharma, Jyoti Kaur, Namita, Neharavi, Parneet Kaur, Priyanka Sharma Agnihotri, Ranjana Vishwakarma, Jyoti Sharma, and Preeti Goswami.

The World Designing Forum applauds Team Madhya Pradesh Mode Makers for their exemplary contribution to the world of fashion and looks forward to continued collaboration in the promotion of Indian handloom and artisans.

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