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TapWave NFC Cards: Bridging Networks, Building Futures

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Bangalore — Shaikh Nahid Alam, a dynamic 24-year-old B.Tech graduate in Computer Science from the class of 2022, has stepped into the realm of business innovation with the launch of TapWave NFC Business Cards. Drawing from his one-year experience in a startup, Alam identified a critical gap in professional networking, prompting the birth of TapWave in 2023.

Designed to revolutionize the networking landscape, TapWave NFC Cards have quickly gained traction, boasting a monthly average sale of 1000 units. Shaikh Nahid Alam envisions achieving an ambitious yearly sales target of ₹2 crores by the end of 2024. But TapWave’s aspirations don’t end there.

Not content with merely transforming the networking experience in India, TapWave has its sights set on global partnerships. The company aims to collaborate with international businesses, offering a seamless networking solution across borders.

However, TapWave’s innovation doesn’t stop at global expansion. By March 2024, the company plans to introduce a franchise model, allowing entrepreneurs to be part of the TapWave success story. This move aligns with the mission to provide businesses with a robust web presence and accelerate networking processes.

Shaikh Nahid Alam, the driving force behind TapWave, expresses the company’s mission succinctly, “Our mission is clear: to give businesses a strong web presence and make networking fast and efficient.”

TapWave’s NFC Business Cards offer a cutting-edge solution to the age-old challenge of networking. With a sleek design and innovative technology, these cards are more than just a means of exchanging information; they represent a commitment to the future of professional connectivity.

As TapWave continues to make strides in the Indian business industry, it stands as a testament to the power of visionary leadership and technological innovation. For more information about TapWave and its NFC Business Cards, please visit www.tapwave.in

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