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Storywallah Returns with his tales of love.

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Love Storywallah, authored by Kumar Ganesan is now launched and available at all popular web stores including Amazon, Flipkart and google play store and at the publisher’s portal blueroseone.com.

A collection of 9 short stories, Love Storywallah is an attempt to decode the mystery that surrounds the word ‘Love’. Each of his tales explores a tale on love in a manner that is original, and fresh and opens up a new perspective on human relationships. Some stories here warm you, some delight you within, some sting you like a tight slap and some leave you stunned. The stories are such that they appeal to all genres and age groups and the book is short sweet and makes for an easy breezy read.

Love Storywallah is a sequel to the author’s first book Storywallah which received the most 5-star reviews and continues to warm the hearts of readers across India. Kumar is also the country’s only food story writer whose Instagram handle Storywallah80 is followed by over a million people following his everyday story under the title Breakfast Tales. The handle features over 450 unique stories that revolve around food. His unique achievement has earned him a place in the ‘Iconic Book Of Records’ for Pioneering Food Storywriting on Instagram.

Speaking about his second book, Kumar says, “As a writer, I’ve told and written many stories but I struggled to write a romantic tale. Many people close to me challenged me to write one. So after my first book ‘Storywallah’ I decided to come back with my sequel of short stories each focusing on demystifying the many shades of love.

‘Love Storywallah’ remains my toughest book ever, but it was gratifying going through this as this book pushed me beyond boundaries to understand love and to look into myself. 

My 8 stories paint the different shades of love. All of them are different from one another but together they do their best to demystify love. By letting love be… the mystery that is.

My definition of LOVE

Life Of Varied Expressions.”

Kumar Ganesan A.K.A Storywallah is a Copywriter, a Brand Guardian, and a Leadership Coach and lives in Pune with his family.

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