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Sourav Roy: Journalist on a Mission to Bridge the Tech Awareness Gap

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Kolkata: In the constantly changing world of technology, awareness is still crucial, particularly in rural areas. Even with the advances in technology, accessibility is still a problem, especially for people living in the rural areas of West Bengal. Many people are unable to completely appreciate the advantages of technology because of the online world, which is dominated by English and Hindi content.

Now introduce Sourav Roy, a journalist since 2013 who is passionate about breaking down this language barrier. Sourav, who was born in Dinhata Town in 1994, later relocated to Siliguri in order to pursue a career in journalism. Since 2019, Sourav has been a part of Digital News Media and the Uttarbanga Sambad newspaper. He actively works to democratise the tech industry rather than just reporting on it.

Seeing the need for easily accessible information, Sourav started the “Real Tech Know” (Bengali) YouTube channel. He addresses the difficulties faced by people in rural areas who struggle because they lack technical knowledge, even though they own smartphones, through his videos. Sourav was inspired by this language barrier to pursue a career in content creation, putting in endless effort to raise public awareness of technology.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Sourav works as a freelancer in website design, SEO, and digital marketing. His recent partnerships with public relations firms demonstrate his diverse approach to technology advocacy. But field journalism, where he first found his professional calling, will always hold a special place in his heart.

Sourav’s dedication to learning is demonstrated by his educational path, which took him from Dinhata Soni Devi Jain High School to Netaji Subhash Open University. Sourav’s post-graduation studies and 2020 History Honours graduation round out his academic background, which supports his journalism pursuits.

Recognising how digitalization has changed the nation, Sourav highlights the importance of using technology responsibly. His blog, which is available at https://thesouravroy.com, acts as a channel for the sharing of information. In addition, Sourav extends an invitation to interact with him on Facebook at https://facebook.com/thesouravroy.

Since 2017, Sourav’s commitment to elucidating technology has been demonstrated through his creation of videos. Sourav, who juggles work and personal commitments, carefully curates content with the goal of democratising technology, not obsessing over subscriber numbers. His passion is educating people and raising public awareness of technology.

Accompany Sourav Roy as he explores the nexus between technology and journalism. See his blog at https://thesouravroy.com and follow him on Facebook at https://facebook.com/thesouravroy for additional insights.

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