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Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika: A abode of 350 varieties of medicinal plants with natural beauty spread over two acres

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The total number of medicinal plants can be seen here in thousands.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatikaa established in District Panipat Village Untla of Haryana State is a peaceful sanctuary experience for those who seek solutions to their social, economic and physical problems.

Spread over two acres, this natural wonderful place has more than 350 varieties of medicinal plants and is an excellent place to perform Yagyas (rituals). India’s one and only Akshar Dhwani (Word Sound Power) Expert , he has trained hundreds of Astrologers and Vastu scholars of India in Akshar Dhwani Science (Word Sound Power) and has also published a special book on Akshar Dhwani Science.

According to Sunil Kumar Aryan, the custodian of Shri Shri Navagraha Vatikaa, people suffering from mental stress and addiction can take great benefits from the natural resources and solar energy available here in the Vatikaa.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika, also known as the wonderful abode of medicinal plants, is fully maintained by Sunil Kumar Aryan, and its main objective is the Medicine Free India Campaign, under which medical support through astrology is done free of cost on Friday of every week, in which the diet related to planets and constellations is told to the patient to eat and in addition medicinal plants are propagated, through which Yagya is performed in homes according to medicine and through medicine mechanism. people are getting benefits for the past years through this methodology. Efforts are being made to plant thousands of medicinal plants at our own expense in many districts and hundreds of villages of Haryana state.

Sunil Kumar Aryan is also an expert of Vastu Shastra,
Geology, Astrology and Naturopathy, and Palmistry and Numerology.

Sunil Kumar Aryan is the only scholar of specialized training in Shapit Vaastu Shastra, and Shatru Shaman Chausath Yogini Vaastu, Vishnu Chakra Healing and Cosmic Energy

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika aim is to provide 100% relief to people from all problems and become a special and peaceful shelter for them, this is the blessings of Sunil Kumar Aryan

Every Friday in Shri Shri Navagraha Vatikaa, any person can get solution of any kind of physical, mental and social problems free of cost as per rules, in addition to this he can also take personal consultation as per rules.

Before coming to Shri Shri Navagraha Vatikaa, the public is constantly requested to make an appointment by making a telephone call first, make sure that the time is convenient so that both your money and time can be saved.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatikaa encourages such people who are struggling with their daily problems for years that they must reach this place once by fixing their time according to the rules.

Please understand the importance of time because Time is money

Sunil Kumar Aryan suggest everyone that people should tell more and more about this abode so that people who want peace can come here and rebuild their disrupt life.

Overall, Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika is an excellent place for peace and natural healing for those who are looking for solutions to their daily economic, social and mental problems.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika invites all the scholars who are interested in the energy of the universe and exploring other subjects related to Astrology, Vastu Science, to give training on such subjects which they have experienced for the first time in their life or want to experience

Connect with Sunil Kumar Aryan on WhatsApp:- 9050090511, 9812621119

Google = https://g.co/kgs/ZWREY4

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