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Santosh Saw, Founder & CEO, The Web India

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Know the journey of Santosh Kumar Saw, a B.Tech graduate, who travels from the founder of The Web India to becoming CEO and becomes an inspiration for many. The only goal is to take startups and small businesses to new heights.

The secret of success of an enterprise lies in the courage and growing morale that never gives up. This is the secret approach that beautifies the world on your terms. “And there is a saying that there is a saying that there is a way, there is a way that has proved very well in the journey of the founder and CEO of The Web India The fire of dreams is something that makes you sleepless until you have achieved what you admire.

The Web India – a digital advertising company in Pan India and an online marketing service was established by Mr. Santosh Saw in 2017.

Santosh Saw spoke about his journey from the founder of the company to becoming CEO. BTech from Techno India College, Kolkata started as a marketing manager in a company but their aspirations and goals are slightly different. The courage to do more motivates him to own a digital marketing company and appoint a team of professionals who have the same spirit and dedication to dreams. Family and friends supported him a lot and encouraged him to move forward for his dreams.

The founder of the company started with a team of freelanes for digital marketing. They managed customers on their own and proved what they promised to do. A small project gives them another project and the number of new customers increased over time and they turned their new customers into regular customers with hard work, dedication and cooperation. Currently, they have many international and national customers who are working with multiple websites for the same customers while managing a healthy customer relationship.

The journey of becoming CEO was challenging, but facing him with never-ending courage and facing him like a strong rock is itself a story. Apart from digital marketing and online promotion, like bulksms Whatp sms voice call Facebook marketing the company also provides SEO and SMO

promotions to create a reactive presence on the search engine. The main goal for which Santosh Saw started is to promote small scale businesses and bring them into the limelight. With this approach, every businessman is a star and needs as much headline as the strongest business tycoon. It is the right of every businessman and money cannot stop them. The services that The Web India provides to its valued customers are highly sensitive and each website is at a level of satisfaction. Easy interface and cost-effective prices are the key to reaching every small-scale business, never making promises that are impossible or difficult to achieve. We all face difficulties but in the day of clouds, rising like sun gives you satisfaction that goes beyond everything. Happiness and effort have no monetary value, but they are worthless keys whose every business is certainly entitled. Go to Thewebindia.com for more details on the company services and portfolio.

The value of a company is only when its customers are happy and satisfied with their services and as a team we have the strength to fulfil your dreams. Let us join our hands to take the world’s largest platform to the heights, which is especially dedicated to small scale businesses getting their dream platform and managing businesses like a professional. Find suitable web solutions for your newly launched business to define your goals and reach new heights. You can also consult for our digital marketing and website designing service across India. To avail of our service, call: +91-8789828280


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