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Ravindra Singh Rao, a 26-Year-Old Successful Entrepreneur and Web Developer From Rajasthan

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In the contemporary framework of the technological society, digital marketing is playing a significant role in the marketing sector. Digital marketing is availing of products and services to the targeted audience in a digital manner. So obviously there is no doubt left on why digital marketing has emerged as an eminent branch of marketing, in a technological community.

This emergence has offered an industry for a lot of people to showcase their interest and knowledge of business and marketing. Ravindra Singh Rao is one of those people who are carrying a passion for entrepreneurship.

Ravindra is a 26-year-old young entrepreneur from Jalor city of Rajasthan. He is educationally qualified in MCA. Working since 2015, Ravindra has earned great knowledge and experience in the marketing sector.

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The is no uncertainty about the wide horizon of digital marketing but this high reach is also followed by a lot of problems and queries from newbies or beginners, in the sector. To solve this problem, Ravindra Singh Rao has founded ‘ PROFITO’, which avails digital marketing services to people in doubt.

Ravindra is a web developer and successful entrepreneur at the young age of 26. His digital marketing agency ‘ PROFITO ‘ is dedicated to availing digital marketing services to clients, from basic to advanced levels. Ravindra‘s firm works on the theme of ‘Grow your business Digitally with PROFITO ‘.

The company has developed 50+ software from various industries and has a passionate team with 25 different skills. The agency also provides business consultation. PROFITO has provided guidance and consultation to over 100 companies from experts.

The company covers areas of App development, Website development, advertising, SaaS development, and overall guidance of digital marketing. Ravindra is the Technical head at PROFITO.

PROFITO and experienced entrepreneur and web developer Ravindra Singh Rao is working for making people’s visions into reality through appropriate guidance.

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