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Nirmala Shivaji Yadav: For Gender Equality & Empowerment Women & Girls

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As soon as the revolution of Women’s Empowerment begins lots of ladies came across the various regions and raise their voices for the welfare of the nation. One such representative comes along as a social activist. Nirmala Yadav working from 2015 “Bhartiya Janata party” as an General Secretary for (Yuvti cell , Mumbai).

She became an Example of Today’s Politics Strong Women. She is established her strong place in Society, and her positive strong stand behind every woman is becoming a self-made woman.
Nirmala Yadav worked for the welfare of various people like handicapped disabled persons, and the Dwarf Artist Community She gathered a team of over 200 people into his Nukkad / Drama campaign promoting, projects to the Indian National And State Ministry. She also held a campaign of medical physiotherapy for Maharashtra police and for old age, senior citizens.

After 2017 she started working for Disaster Management for National & State Disasters rescuing many flood areas. She has started to give training to Maharashtra State Grampanchayat /Government Hospital /Government Schools /many Areas of Government Officer’s she is helping many innovative projects.

During covid-19 when everyone was suffering through this disastrous virus. She was the one who raised herself for working for the citizens risking her life. She helped many families including females and slum families provide food shelter and beverages, shifting Covid patients to the hospitals providing daily needs and medications hiring and distributing quarantine centers for the Covid affected people. She is the one standing up against citizens during their tough times. What, a great activist spirit with such devotion which healed many lives and spread positivity during those tough days.

She also initiated herself into various communist programs taking an interest in cultural activities based on Historical and worked for Monuments and Indian Heritage sites touch mesmerizing social work was shown by Nirmala Yadav we salute such beings for their contribution to society and being inspiration for the Young Women’s & Society Regards.

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