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Kraft-Obench: Redefining Workspaces and Innovating Remote Solutions – A Vision Realized by Founders Divya Sanghvi and Ishaan Saxena.

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In a transformative breakthrough for remote work solutions, the Delhi-based startup Kraft-Obench has positioned itself as a pioneering force, seamlessly aligning with India’s “Make in India” initiative. Founded by former college buddies Divya and Ishaan, the startup stands out for its inquisitive approach, out-of-the-box thinking, and a steadfast commitment to addressing challenges in the evolving work landscape.

With a keen eye on the challenges posed by the sudden surge in remote work, Kraft-Obench has delved into the core issues of disturbance, noise, privacy concerns, and the absence of a conducive work environment. Their comprehensive examination has led to the creation of a unique product lineup aimed at transforming workspaces.

At the forefront of Kraft-Obench‘s offerings is the Work From Home (WOFRHO! ) pod – an energy-efficient, soundproof sanctuary designed for swift installation in under 30 minutes. These pods cater not only to home offices but find versatile usage in traditional office spaces for Zoom calls, client meetings, voiceovers, and artistic endeavors. The vocal pods, designed specifically for voiceover artists, and private workspaces for office use showcase the company’s commitment to tailored solutions. Additionally, Kraft-Obench introduces 2/4 seater meeting pods for offices, providing flexible and collaborative spaces for team discussions and meetings.

Co-founders Divya Sanghvi and Ishaan Saxena bring a wealth of experience from diverse career paths in B2B fintech sales and commercial interiors business. This unique blend of expertise positions Kraft-Obench to redefine workspaces and address the evolving needs of modern professionals.

Kraft-Obench has achieved significant milestones with over 100 installations of WOFRHO pods across major cities in India. Their brilliance has been recognized on a global stage as semi-finalists on Shark Tank Season 2, highlighting the innovation and execution prowess of the founders. Strong support from Atal Incubation Centres – AIC JKLU and AIC JITF – further underscores the company’s potential.

The product range includes soundproof booths, phone booths for offices, vocal booths, home recording studios, and versatile work-from-home pods. Each product is equipped with essential features such as fixed wall-mounted tables, motion sensor lights, LAN ports, aesthetic designs, ventilation systems, and basic electricals.

Kraft-Obench’s vision is to redefine remote work by offering innovative, soundproof pods that create a focused, productive, and comfortable work environment at home. Their mission is to address the challenges of remote workspaces, providing dedicated solutions that enhance productivity, minimize disturbances, and foster a professional atmosphere.

The journey of Kraft-Obench has been marked by adaptability and enterprise, showcasing innovation and resilience in the face of changing times. Supported by Atal Incubation Centres – AIC JKLU and AIC JITF – in Jaipur and Bengaluru, the company exemplifies the spirit of forward-thinking entrepreneurship.

Kraft-Obench boasts an impressive clientele, including esteemed organizations such as FedEx, ARTSIGNIA, ACVISS, UNEECOPS, METAFIL, Credgenics, ADSIDUOUS, KILOWATT, KRG kreative studio, SUCCESSIVE DIGITAL, ELSNER Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bhopuwala, Anokhi Duniya, JOY TECHNOLOGY, Suvarna Enterprises,TAIKI-SHA and many others.

In a world where remote work is increasingly prevalent, Kraft-Obench stands as a beacon of innovation, offering tailored solutions that redefine the way we work. With a commitment to excellence and a client list that speaks volumes, the future looks promising for this Delhi-based startup.




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