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KIOSK KAFFEE | India’s Largest and Fastest Coffee Empire

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The coffee industry is estimated to be worth $225 billion. It’s a massive market with global reach and near-constant demand – for most people, a daily cup (or more) of coffee is a part of everyday life, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. In fact, consumer demand for high-quality coffee has been rising, with consumers increasingly seeking coffee that is produced more sustainably, has a more delicate flavor balance, and is of higher overall quality. Simply put, the coffee competition is still on.

Founded by Sangram Patil, Nilesh Pasalkar and Savan Oswal in 2020, Kiosk Kaffee is a coffee cafe chain that sells numerous varieties of coffees, premium snacks and merchandise in Kiosk, Cafe and Lounge models.

In FY22, the brand emerged as a sole chain to four times its revenue targets in just 2 Years from 1.5 Cr to 7 Cr. To be precise, it was a 400% increase in revenue. In Spite of covid, Kiosk Kaffee still emerged as a bold brand in the coffee industry. Kiosk Kaffee is based on the mantra of providing affordable and premium coffee, shakes and desserts to all coffee lovers and food enthusiasts. The founders of the brand soon realised that there is a huge parity in the Indian market where premium coffee and shakes along with quality coffee merchandise wasn’t really available at affordable rates. That’s when Kiosk Kaffee emerged in the picture with over 40+ outlets in India. 

Kiosk Kaffee also celebrates ‘women in coffee’ by employing 100+ women across Kiosk outlets and working towards a sustainable model of coffee. The Kiosk Kaffee outlets are famous amongst the public as it receives around 1000+ orders in a day which includes both online and offline orders with a huge turnover on a daily basis.

While coffee brands and producers have invested significant resources in R&D to improve coffee quality, reinventing all stages of production, the same has not been done at the final stage – when the coffee actually meets the consumer’s mug. Kiosk Kaffee wants to change this through a digital approach by reaching mass coffee consuming audiences and offering them premium coffee at an affordable price.


The brand’s overall concept is quite unique, and its USP of providing premium coffee range at an affordable price is quite a benchmark. Another unique selling point of the brand is that it offers an international range of coffee with exotic flavours like biscoff, and unique blends to the Indian market.


Despite the fact that almost every other business was struggling during Covid 19, Kiosk Kaffee’s uniqueness in providing quality coffee at an affordable price drove up revenue. Kiosk Kaffee is also a pioneer and supporter of the Work From Home culture, trying to encourage people to spend hours in their cafes without being judged or disturbed.


“It’s a young, like-minded, creative group of people. They are vivacious, enthusiastic, and inquisitive. So working with them all is a lot of fun.” Sangram Patil stated. They currently have more than 200+ people on the team, and a few experts who specialise in the coffee industry and are highly skilled. A sales team, a partnership team,an operations team, a content writing team, a business development team, and a marketing team are all present to run the business successfully. 

My entire team and I believe in evolution; keep learning, brushing up on your skills, and learning new ones… If you’re going through a phase, it doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t want to learn marketing or branding of your brand… If you are planning to launch a startup or are already on the road to success, you should be able to do it all or at least a portion of it. Aside from that, you should always remember and remember your first hundred customers”.Savan Oswal, founder of Kiosk Kaffee, affirmed.

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