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How to Get Better at UX Design

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User experience is a vast discipline. Thus, UX design experts must have the necessary skills to be used in different fields. To improve their designs, UX designers focus on trends, knowledge, experience, and creativity.

For this reason, award-winning design studio Future Factory offers the best UI/UX design, new product design, digital design, and design research services.

Although there is no secret to becoming a better UI designer, you can remember these five rules to improve.

#1 UI and UX are Different

User experience is different from the user interface. More precisely, UI is a part of UX. But many people are guilty of swapping these two designs. One must understand the difference between UI and UX to offer better product design and user experience.

User interface refers to the space where humans interact with a product, while user experience is the emotional outcome after the interaction.

#2 Know Your Audience

User research helps in understanding the audience. It is often regarded as the initial step in the design process.

No matter what product you create, you must focus on your targeted audience so they love your product and idea. It’s important to keep users in mind before starting the design process to avoid making mistakes. This way, you can provide value to customers who will use your product.

#3 Test with Real Users

Designers are not the real users of your product, nor the real customers will be like them. Testing the product with real users is important to know their behaviour and reactions.

The behaviour and beliefs of real users can greatly impact your product’s performance in the actual market. Additionally, the targeted audience of your product comes from different backgrounds. They have different goals and mental models.

You can conduct unbiased testing while creating new product designs to overcome false-consensus bias. If you wish to create an impressive product, always focus on testing. It will help you understand how the product can be improved. While the process is time-consuming, it’s definitely helpful.

#4 Adapt Design for Short Time

Rather than overwhelming your customers with too much information, you must focus on the attention span. It’s when your audience can focus on your product without getting distracted.

A study has revealed that the average attention span of customers is 8 seconds. It is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. As a UX designer, you need to overcome this challenge.

Be quick to eliminate lengthy information. Remove unnecessary elements, so your audience does not get distracted. You can follow functional minimalism but do not limit the user experience.

#5 Create Prototype Before Building Product

The design phase of your new product must always include a prototype stage. Skipping the prototype can complicate things later.

While creating a prototype, you will encounter problems that need fixing immediately. Also, you might realize that your solutions do not work how you want them to.

Once your prototype model is created, test it with real users before starting to build the actual product. It will save you time and money. You can use different prototyping techniques, but rapid prototyping is the best.


UX design plays an important role in product design and development. It helps understand user behaviour and how they react to the product.

If you want help with user experience, you can contact Future Factory. It’s an award-winning agency started by Jashish Kambli and Geetika Kambli to offer new product design, digital thinking, and consulting services.

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