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GAYATRI DIKSHIT – Her Journey as a Kathak Classical Dancer & Actor and various contributions in the field of Art and Culture.

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A Kathak classical dancer, actor, makeup artist, costume designer, singer and Sanskrit Instructor are her few of the professional identities, however not restricting to them she also explored the fields like Reiki healer, social work, career counselling in the field of Arts as her personal interest. She started her journey in field of Arts at the young age of seven with classical singing and playing the harmonium. Inspite of the scarcity of the resources for dance in the institute, her parents had the vision of creativity and insisted for Kathak guru to train her in Kathak Dance.

There began her beautiful journey in Kathak supported with her proficiency in singing, creating the foundation in Arts and Culture. To enhance the ability to comprehend the arts literature, she obtained a BA Sanskrit degree. With her desire to adapt dancing as her career, she completed Sangeet Visharad in Kathak from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.

She started her Kathak training under the guidance of Guru Late Shri Bireshvar Gautam & Guru Abhilasha Chaudhary, she completed her Visharad and continued to be trained under Guruvarya Dr. Rupali Desai. At the same time she also coached students in Sanskrit for all the board academics for more than 15 years.

As things were moving forward as anticipated, she underwent a life changing situation that made her think “Will I be able to dance again!” But inspite of all the hurdles and disappointments she fought back. As a true artist at heart that never leave chasing the dreams she stepped up with double the zeal to restart the expedition again. Show must go on: with this as her she stood back. She started the Varada Nrutyalay kathak Academy with one student and after 10 years today she is teaching more than 80+ students. She is also working as Kathak faculty in Fine Arts Society, Chembur for last 8 years.

As a Dance Choreographer she choreographed several dance programs, like Ballet “Krishnam Vande Jagat Guru”, “Ye lavniche bol kautuke” (History of Lavani), “Sant Sahityacha Dhanu” (Sant Sahitya), “Amrutnayana” etc. She had the opportunity to work in theatre drama and she played various roles in in Marathi theatre “Sangeet Jay Jay Gauri Shankar”, “Sangeet Devmanus”, “Sangeet Lavani bhulali abhangala”, “Sangeet Kanhopatra”, “Sangeet :hey bandhreshmache”, “Sangeet Saubhadra”, “Tilak ani Agarkar”, “Hoy mi Savarkar bolatoy”. She was adance director for the dramas like “Eka Gurakhyache mahakavya”, “Shakespeare gela udat”
and “Sangeet punarvikas”.

Like a true multitalented person she evolved as an actor, she also gained experience as a costume designing and makeup which are strong pillars of progressing artist. To authenticate her work, she obtained a certification for makeup.

Her innovative and diligent skills earned her a lot of recognition in the Theatre and choreography field. She began to acquire movies such as “Hajari”, “Respect”, and Short Film “Kidney Donation”.

She has been rewarded with Best Dance Teacher Award at Fine Arts Society Music School, Chembur, Best Actor Award for Sangeet Lavani Bhulali Abhangala in 54th Maharashtra State Level Drama Competition. She is honoured with “Nrutya Bhushan Award” by JSC international in collaboration with Sasneh mind and body healing Center. She is also awarded as actor for Dehbhan in 57th State level Drama Competition. As a judge and entertainment partner, she has successfully managed the “Shravan Queen Beauty Pageant”.

She gained her solace in teaching dance as a social activity for deaf and dumb, blind, and differently abled people. She along with her students participated in the medical camp for the Pandharpur Viththal Wari teaching her students the true sense of social work. She also made the atmosphere at the Vruddha ashrams lively by presenting her art form to the senior citizens alongside her students.

As she moves ahead, she would like to take Varada Nrutyalay to great heights keeping the solace and tradition of classical dance and guide younger generations in the field of Art & Culture.

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