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Credihealth Joins the Fight Against Cancer, Get FREE Consultation On Top Hospitals. Schedule Your Appointment NOW!

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India, 18 Jan 2024 – In the fight against cancer, Credihealth stands as a ray of hope and support for cancer patients in India. Credihealth, a leading healthcare provider, is committed to providing best-in-class treatments and stands shoulder to shoulder with individuals on their cancer treatment journey. 

“Credihealth extends a compassionate hand to cancer patients by announcing Free consultations with leading oncologists.”

With the latest and advanced approach, Credihealth specializes in providing top-notch cancer treatment across various oncology categories. Whether it’s breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, throat cancer, thyroid cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer, or stomach cancer, Credihealth is offering personalized and effective solutions across the globe. Up to this date, Credihealth has gained the trust of more than 2,00,000+ cancer patients as a reliable partner in the fight against cancer. 

Credihealth offers various facilities, such as early detection through screening, diagnosis, and treatment by top oncologists in Bangalore and other cities, treatment in world-class hospitals with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and best-in-class diagnostic centers, making them stand out from the market.

“We aim to offer the best and most affordable treatment for cancer patients and empower them with the knowledge and resources needed to combat cancer,” said Ravi Virmani, CEO and Managing Director of Credihealth.

He also announced FREE consultations for cancer patients across the Nation in top hospitals

Credihealth’s team of Doctors in Bangalore always remains updated with the advancement of oncology treatment to deliver seamless services to cancer patients.

Credihealth’s cancer care services include:

  • Free consultation for cancer patients
  • Streamlined appointment bookings
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Second opinions from esteemed specialists
  • Coordination of care across renowned cancer centers and many more.

They ensure patients receive comprehensive support, addressing medical needs and emotional assistance during this challenging time.

As India grapples with an increasing cancer burden, Credihealth initiative aligns with its vision of making quality healthcare accessible to all. By leveraging technology, the platform facilitates informed decision-making for patients and their families, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of cancer care.

About Credihealth: Credihealth is an online solution for your healthcare needs! It is associated with more than 70000+ doctors and 2000+ hospitals across India. They make your treatment process easy by providing doctor’s fees, online appointment schedules, OPD hours, qualifications, experience, and patient reviews before choosing. To learn more about Credihealth’s cancer care services and embark on a journey toward recovery, patients can visit the online portal or contact the dedicated helpline at 8010-994-994.

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