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Crafting an Effective Corporate Wellness Plan: Insights by Zenzo Health

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In recent times, Indian corporations are increasingly prioritizing employee well-being, reshaping the landscape of workplace wellness programs. While this trend is on the rise, some companies have struggled to create successful wellness plans. Experts at Zenzo noted a survey indicating that nearly 50% of the Indian workforce faces workplace stress, contributing to physical health risks such as hypertension and diabetes. Ziqitza Health Care Limited is a leader in the healthcare industry. With a focus on preventive healthcare measures, Ziqitza Limited aims to reduce the burden on the healthcare system by addressing health issues proactively.

Studies including one by RAND Corp, reveal limited impacts on weight loss and cholesterol control in workplace wellness programs. Another critical observation is that the unhealthiest 20% of employees drive 80% of healthcare costs, often overlooked by wellness initiatives.

Sweta Mangal -Director & CEO at Zenzo, emphasizes that an ideal corporate wellness program should benefit both employee health and overall business outcomes. The key pillars for a successful Corporate Wellness Plan lie in engagement, strategy, and motivation.

Invest in Employee Assessment:

Understanding employee behaviour is crucial. Utilize tools like the Health Risk Appraisal or conduct surveys aligned with CDC guidelines to comprehend employee needs better. Health Risk Assessment aids in assessing the work environment, facilitating tailored wellness programs.

Form Goals & Objectives:

Mr. Praveen Meneses – COO at Zenzo Health, says “ Post-assessment, design clear organizational goals, aligning them with motives such as health improvement, cost reduction, absenteeism reduction, productivity boost, and increased retention. Objectives will vary based on company culture and employee needs.

Budget for the Program:

Include incentives, marketing, and program design costs in the budget. Factors like vendor fees, program incentives, and wellness technology costs should be considered when finalizing the budget.

Establish Wellness Program Components:

Finalize components based on employee surveys, assessments, and budget. Common program types include weight loss, smoking cessation, disease management, preventive care, and on-site medical facilities.

Develop Wellness Rewards/Incentives and Written Wellness Policy:

Publish clear guidelines and handbooks outlining the wellness program. Launch the program during a wellness fair, ensuring effective communication of benefits to encourage employee participation.

Tailored Corporate Wellness Solutions by Zenzo:

Recognizing the diverse needs of workplaces, Zenzo Health offers customized corporate wellness solutions. From health checks and vaccination drives to on-site medical rooms and ambulances, service offerings are tailored to factors like infrastructure, location, working hours, and proximity to healthcare facilities.

About Zenzo :
Zenzo Healthcare, a 100% subsidiary of Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, has been at the forefront of India’s Emergency Medical Services industry since its launch in 2023. Launched by Ziqitza Healthcare to focus primarily on corporate health solutions, Zenzo Healthcare is renowned for its comprehensive healthcare offerings, providing Emergency Services and Corporate Health Solutions. With a robust service network comprising 15000+ ambulances, advanced helpline centres, and medical mobile units.

In the development of corporate wellness plans, Zenzo Healthcare prioritizes a holistic approach, addressing employee well-being and organizational goals. By tailoring programs to meet individual employee needs and fostering effective communication, Zenzo Healthcare assists companies in cultivating a culture of health and productivity.

For further information, contact: visakh.dayanandan@zhl.in

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