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Buildonclick: Your One-Stop Solution from Design to Construction

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Building a home is a dream that many people have, but it can be a daunting task. However, there’s a solution to all the challenges and hassles of construction. Buildonclick is a unique provider that offers a one-stop solution for all construction needs.

From 3D designs and floor plans to engineering assistance and site inspections, Buildonclick has everything covered. It simplifies the planning and execution of construction projects, making the process faster and more convenient. Its services include architecture/design, accurate cost estimates, turnkey construction, interior design, wholesale construction material supply, expert consultation, labor contractors, commercial projects, and even finding investors for commercial projects. With authorized contractors in 23 states, Buildonclick offers its services throughout the country.

“Buildonclick was established with the vision of providing comprehensive solutions for construction needs in one place. By utilizing the latest innovations in the industry, we deliver high-quality workmanship, excellence in quality, and timely project completion. This has made us a preferred partner for clients in several states. We are committed to delivering value and innovative construction solutions to meet clients’ requirements,” said Prateek Raj, Founder and CEO of Buildonclick.

Ishan Prasoon and Dhruv Kumar, both graduates of Manipal University, are the co-founders of Buildonclick.

“Our unique selling proposition (USP) at Buildonclick is providing the most cost-effective architectural design services in the country, starting at just Re. 1 per sq ft. We leverage innovative technologies like 3D designing and careful planning to finalize construction plans. With the largest network of top builders and contractors, we offer free site survey assistance from experienced engineers. We maintain involvement at every level to ensure the best quality control and provide multi-year warranties,” said Ishan Prasoon, Co-founder of Buildonclick.

In just a few years, Buildonclick has served over 1000+ clients with its extensive range of services. The company has designed more than 5 lakh sq ft of area in hundreds of cities across 23 states.

“Buildonclick is the leading marketplace in the Indian construction industry, operating with utmost transparency. We connect clients with the right builders and contractors, allowing them to review past projects and make informed decisions. We understand that building a home is a dream, and we ensure that clients receive the quality construction services every home deserves. This commitment has been our USP and the primary driver of our growth,” said Dhruv Kumar, Co-founder of Buildonclick.

In addition to residential projects, Buildonclick also serves various projects, including educational institutes, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, and more.

Strict quality controls and a focus on hiring the best contractors ensure that common construction problems like structural failure, cracks in walls and ceilings, water leakage, paint issues, loosening of assembled parts, and poor-quality materials are avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What services does BuildOnClick.com offer?

BuildOnClick.com offers a range of services including architectural design, house renovation, and construction services in India. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for all your building needs.

2. How can I request a quote or estimate for my project?

To request a quote or estimate for your project, you can fill out the contact form on our website or reach out to us directly via phone or email. Our team will promptly respond and guide you through the process.

3. What is the process for architectural design services?

Our architectural design process involves an initial consultation to understand your requirements and vision. We then create conceptual designs, provide revisions based on your feedback, and finalize the detailed architectural plans for your project.

4. Can you assist with obtaining the necessary permits and approvals?

Yes, we have experience in handling permits and approvals for construction projects. We can assist you in navigating the necessary legal procedures and liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance.

5. What types of house renovation services do you provide?

We offer a wide range of house renovation services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, interior renovations, flooring and painting, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and more. Our team will work closely with you to transform your space according to your requirements.

6. Are your construction services available for residential and commercial projects?

Yes, our construction services are available for both residential and commercial projects. We have the expertise and resources to handle projects of various scales and complexities.

7. What is the typical timeline for completing a project?

The timeline for completing a project can vary depending on the size, scope, and specific requirements. We provide estimated timelines during the project planning phase and strive to deliver projects within agreed-upon timeframes.

8. Do you offer customizable design options to suit my specific requirements?

Yes, we understand that each client has unique preferences and requirements. Our design team works closely with you to customize the design according to your specific needs, ensuring that it reflects your vision and style.

9. Are your services available throughout India or limited to specific regions?

Our services are available throughout India. We have successfully completed projects in various cities and regions, and we are equipped to serve clients across the country.

For more information, visit the official website: http://buildonclick.com

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