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Animal Skin is not a luxury that a human being can afford.

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A woman can now incorporate lifestyle, luxury, utility, and technology in her life with a single handbag, thanks to the company Diosa Forever. Diosa Forever is a Vadodara based Fashion Tech start-up incubated under Vadodara Startup Studio Powered by Parul University, Vadodara. With support of both MSU and Parul university the startup is making headlines.

Diosa Forever started a revolution in fashion industry by creating smart bags and company recently received investment by a tech pioneer Pranav Masariya, a senior machine learning engineers at BOSCH, at a valuation of 2.5 Cr. securing investment through Pranav is one of the milestones achieved by the brand. They have launched their website www.diosaforever.com and started sales.

Diosa makes Handbags for women. It all began when, one of Mayank Rai’s (founder & C.E.O.) interns at ArctikCircle (his another edtech firm) presented him with a design for a handbag. Impressed by Payal, 19-year-old creative designer for Diosa Forever, he asked her to make few more bags, being the businessman and having experience of more than 8 + years in digital marketing, he saw an opportunity and it’s a reality today. With their handbags, Diosa Forever aspires to be smart, and Extraordinary. Creation of wooden handbags is the best example. Specially designed by their designer, Payal suthar have modern design and made out of fabric, wood, cork, plant fibre and lot of new materials.

The word “Diosa” in Spanish means feminine goddess. According to Mayank Rai, all women are Devi, who are strong and powerful. Diosa Forever’s logo is designed after the most powerful queen of Egypt Cleopatra. While many women have come to realise this truth, a sizeable portion of them are still on the road to realising how powerful they are and how limitless their potential is. They are champions in everything they do. The brand Diosa Forever does not aim to appeal to everyone. It aspires to be a brand for women who are working to gain independence and freedom.

The company’s Chief Design Officer and co-founder, Dharini Suthar also decide to join and decided to question social norms and create great product for women. As things stand, society has imposed a number of restrictions on both men and women. She desires to raise awareness about rights and humanity.

Jatin Ashok Soniya, the Chief Growth officer & Co-founder says that there is popular misunderstanding that women need empowerment. All women want or need is want equal opportunity. Women never asked for empowerment they just asked little help and they get a lifetime perpetual woman empowerment. No woman is weak, they are powerful.

Diosa Forever designs and manufactures animal cruelty free handbags for bags. Animal skin is not a luxury. It is having a dead corpse stitched spread over your living body. Diosa Forever founders prefer plant based skins and fibres for making the bags. These handbags are made up of pineapple skin, sunflower fibre, cork-tree bark, cactus leather, coconut fibre jute etc., to bring a clean animal cruelty free sustainable handbags which is luxurious and fashionable. Diosa Forever is contributing to the society by providing livelihood to the artisans and tailors, making them independent. More than 50 tailors both male and female are involved in handcrafting the bags.

Creating wooden and fabric handbags is an uncharted territory conquered by Diosa Forever.

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