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Aman Shrivas: The Multi-talented Entrepreneur Changing Lives with Dream Mission

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Aman Ashok Shrivas, popularly known as amanshrbiz, is a sales expert, businessman, engineer, and content writer hailing from Nagpur, India. He is the founder and CEO of Dream Mission, an ed tech organization aimed at helping people solve financial issues and build skills.

Born on 22nd April 1995 in Waraseoni, Madhya Pradesh, Aman completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 25. Despite facing numerous challenges due to his lack of entrepreneurial background, Aman’s unwavering desire to learn and grow helped him achieve success in just two years. He became a millionaire and established Dream Mission, which has since helped countless people overcome their financial challenges and find employment.

Aman’s passion for writing led him to start a science blog called Uncover Reality, where he writes articles for renowned international researchers such as Gabriele Francolini, Ken Olum, Geriant Lewis, and Osmanov Zaza. He also teaches high-ticket sales to people and has helped numerous individuals generate lakhs of revenue in less than two years.

Aman’s dedication and hard work have made him a household name among Indian entrepreneurs. He has changed countless lives through his work with Dream Mission and continues to inspire and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Aman Shrivas is a multi-talented individual who has achieved success in multiple fields, from sales to content writing. His organization, Dream Mission, is making a significant impact in the lives of many, and his passion for sharing knowledge and helping others is truly inspiring.

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