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A Smarter Way to Travel to Work: Corporate Shuttle Solution

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Here is an interesting insight. In a 2021 survey by FlexJobs, 84% of US employees ranked “not having a commute” as the number one benefit of remote work, even overtaking cost-saving benefits.

This means one thing- a long commute can be stressful, and whatever makes this easier is highly appreciated by the workforce.

But now that the employees are back in the office, the challenges of office commute have resurfaced. Higher commute costs, crowded public transport, slow-moving traffic, and limited parking spaces – it is a never-ending struggle for employees.

This has prompted more companies to consider other creative and affordable options to ensure safer, more convenient, and stress-free commutes for their employees. One such option is the corporate shuttle solution.

Corporate shuttle services allow employees to avoid the stress of public transportation. And as for the companies, you get the benefits of retaining employees, attracting new talent, and higher cost savings.

Wondering why it makes sense to offer corporate shuttle services over other transport solutions for your employees? Let us find out.

Benefits of Offering Corporate Shuttle Solution

1. Corporate Shuttle Solution Promotes Employee Well-Being

Dealing with rush-hour traffic, long lines for public transport, or driving on congested roads can take a toll on your employees’ physical and mental well-being. So much so that, once they get to the office, they need time to switch to work mode. And their productivity takes a serious hit.

In contrast, since most corporate shuttle solutions pick and drop off employees at fixed points or even at their doorstep, you are relieving them of the daily commute stress.

By offering a corporate shuttle solution in your company, you can allow your employees the time to prepare for the day, get a head start on their emails, or simply relax chatting with their colleagues while someone else drives. In fact, with an easy-to-travel corporate shuttle solution, you help your employees be more punctual as they do not have to spend their valuable time finding transportation to reach the office.

Safe to say, this will only contribute towards your employees’ well-being and help them be more productive at work.

2. Corporate Shuttle Services Help with Cost Savings

Research by Clever Real Estate suggests that US commuter spends about 19% of their annual income on their commute every year – majorly spent on fuel and vehicle maintenance. With corporate shuttle solutions, you are not only offering an easy and cost-effective travel option, but you are also taking the commute experience up a notch.

But the cost-saving benefits are not limited to the employees. Companies stand to save a lot by implementing corporate shuttle solutions. Shuttles are a less expensive alternative to cabs, with the ability to travel long distances. With corporate shuttle solutions, you would not have to worry about reimbursing travel fairs or providing parking spaces.

Offering a corporate shuttle solution means fewer vehicles in the parking lot and hence, lower parking rent. For a start-up with limited funds, these benefits can add up to major cost savings.

3. Corporate Shuttle Solution is Good for Team-Building

When was the last time your workplace had a team bonding activity where your employees had the opportunity to interact with each other casually? Between meeting project deadlines and managing their workload, it might be impossible for your employees to go beyond professional terms with their co-workers.

But it does not have to be that way. Providing a corporate shuttle solution is a great way to encourage interaction among your employees beyond work hours. A corporate shuttle solution will give your employees the time to network and know their co-workers, which will only help boost teamwork and engagement at work.

4. Corporate Shuttle Solution is Environment-Friendly

Introducing a corporate shuttle solution is not only good for your company and employees, but it also lets you contribute to the environment as well. Think about it, if all your employees commute to work in their private vehicles, it will only contribute to higher air pollution. Not to forget the higher fuel consumption and dependency on fossil fuels.

In contrast, encouraging your employees to rideshare and take the corporate shuttle reduces your company’s carbon footprint. This will help cut down the number of private vehicles on the road, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s more, by offering a corporate shuttle solution, you are also reducing your employees’ dependence on fossil fuels and encouraging them to be sustainable instead.

5. Corporate Shuttle Solution Helps Retain Employees and Attract New Talent

Believe it or not, office commute can be a daily low point for your employees. To the point that stressful commutes can lead to higher employee turnover – commute, as a reason for leaving, has seen a rise of 403% in the last decade.

Safe to say, if you want to retain your existing employees and attract new talent, a corporate shuttle solution has to be an employee perk you offer. What their daily commute looks like can be a key deciding factor for a candidate to join your company.

Moreover, in addition to a pleasant commute experience and health, your employees save on commute costs,which acts as an incentive for them to work with you. Offering a corporate shuttle solution is a good step to show that you care about your employees’ well-being, which allows them to feel more connected and loyal toward their workplace.

How Does a Shuttle Software Improve Your Corporate Shuttle Solution?

Once you introduce corporate shuttleservices in your company, your work does not end here. It only gets tedious moving forward as you manage employee bookings, shuttle routes, vendor billing, and more.

But end-to-end shuttle software makes all of this easy. With shuttle software from a reliable technology solutions platform like MoveInSync, you can automate employee commute, save costs, reduce risks, and achieve higher operational efficiency.

Here is how a corporate shuttle solution software makes employee commute through a shuttle service seamless-

  • Employees can track their shuttle before and during the ride, along with access to the Estimated Time of Arrival to ensure they report to work on time.
  • A central security dashboard with real-time tracking ensures the safety of your employees.
  • The software comes with different security alerts, including overspeeding, SOS, geofence violation, and more, to help managers tackle any emergency situation.
  • Create fixed routes with fixed pick-up/drop-off points to simplify employee commute and maximize cost savings
  • A robust corporate shuttle solution system also allows you to deploy RFID or proximity-based contactless sign-in attendance methods to reduce no-shows.
  • Transport managers can also enjoy full visibility into the shuttle system and control over operations.From managing trip requests to tracking real-time travel status, everything is simplified via a single dashboard.

So, when you are looking to introduce an employee shuttle or improve its operations, implementing a corporate shuttle solution system helps your company make the most of it.

To Wrap Up

As companies look for ways to make the commute easier for employees, corporate shuttle services emerge as a viable solution that promotes safety, well-being, and cost savings.

If your company offers corporate shuttle services, turn to MoveInSync’s cutting-edge employee transportation solutions. Our end-to-end shuttle software automates the entire commute process – from booking and routing to tracking and billing – all on a single platform.

So don’t wait. Get in touch with us to sign up for a free demo today.

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